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Yearly Membership

Yearly Membership

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🕹This purchase allows you to join my yearly membership, where one flat fee allows you 100% access to ALL DESIGNS (except exclusives and charity projects) for a full year. This does include designs on the website from all the way back to 2018. Also, members get a discount on renewal the following year. 

🕹what’s included? Almost everything. If it’s digital, on the website, and not a charity project, it’s included. Exclusive designs, charity projects, and physical items like stickers or paintings are not included. 

🕹 This is not a drive. There’s no complicated links to save, no waiting for uploads, no double checking what’s included. You shop the normal website just like always, and use a discount code when you check out that will make your digital design orders $0.

🕹upon purchase of this listing, you will receive a coupon code that will make all designs 100% free for one year. This is tied to your account, so please make sure you have an active account on the Warhorse Website. 

🕹you will also be added to a private chat so I can reach you guys about your cars extended warranty- I mean…. Your membership perks and keep in communication.

🕹upon purchase, please allow 24-48 hours to be added to the discount list and chat.

🕹the cost is roughly the same as 50 SVGs, but you will have access to all 700+ designs that are currently available, as well as all designs made in 2023. I’m projecting to make 200 designs this coming year. 

🕹This includes the standard commercial license, like every other purchase.

🕹memberships are only sold at the turn of the year, barring extraordinary circumstances. These will not be reopened over spring or summer or any other time of the year. 


💀disclaimer that kind of sucks but is necessary: if for some unforeseen and extreme reason our business relationship terminates while you own a membership, your membership and access to the discount code will be terminated. However, your rights (according to the commercial use policy) to use any images you have already downloaded will not be terminated, and you are free to continue use of those images. Because of this, no refunds will be given for terminated memberships. This is my least favorite part of this, and honestly I don’t foresee it ever being a thing but this I feel is the most fair way to protect both sides of this transaction fairly with compromise. 

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