Rainbow Leopard Print PROCREATE BRUSH

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This is a digital product. No physical product will ship.

This brush is perfect for designing or creating your own artwork in the procreate program on your apple device. 

*This is not a brush meant for photoshop, illustrator, or any other software. This brush is *ONLY* meant to be used in procreate. 

You are free and welcome to create and sell any artwork using the brush, as long as you don't sell the brush itself.

*The color shift function in this brush is dependent on pressure dynamics. You will need a stylus with pressure features.

Included in your download:
-(1) Procreate brush

Design Tip: This brush can be kind of wacky right out of the gate, so doing your design, then activating Alpha Lock on the layer and mixing in a little Gaussian Blur will create the softer and fuller feeling print.