The Cosette procreate brush family, procreate brush set, handlettering brush for procreate

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🚨 This is a *digital item* only. No physical item will be shipped. 🚨

This is a brush family meant for use ONLY in the app Procreate for Apple devices. They are not meant to work or function in any other software.

This brush family features the same shape and taper mechanics as the “master” brush, with different textures on top for eight totally different feels. These can be layered and played with limitlessly.
  • The master brush is the Cosette, which is an opaque, smooth, evenly tapered brush for thick and thin lettering. Super SVG design friendly, and my personal brush I use for almost everything.
  • Louisa And Delphine are both glitter, with Louisa being darker and fuller to Delphines light brilliance.
  • Bonnie is a distressed concrete/marble texture.
  • Angelina is distressed, almost chalky.
  • Callie and Felina are both cheetah, with different scales for different sized applications.
  • Willow is smooth dimpled metallic

To Install: Download the .zip file, and select in the ipad files application. The file will automatically extract. Install the brush set by selecting it and selecting "open in procreate".

All artwork is copyright property of Warhorse Design Co. License Information is available here in a free download. It's a nifty reference to know what is and isn't allowed with my files. Please do not share my files digitally, including in "dump" groups or in drives.